Please read this "Refund Policy" carefully. When you purchase the service, you are deemed to agree to all the terms of the "Refund Policy". Services will be terminated while the refund service occurs.

1. Ordinary Proxy Services

1.1 A full refund can be requested if the services are not available within 15 days except unsupported services listed in “Terms of Use”.

1.2 Only 70% money back after 15 days within 30 days.

1.3 Comply with app store refund policy for in-app purchases or subscriptions.

You may not be eligible for refund with the following conditions:

1.4 Service was actived for more than 30 days.

1.5 If Veee determines your are abusing the refund policy.

1.6 Suspension or termination of service due to violation of the Terms of Service (ToS) and User Usage Guidelines (AUP).


2. Customized proxy service

2.1 Customized proxy service refund is not allowed.


3. Refund

Please contact the customer service.

Last updated on 2020-4-3